Universe is not expanding at all – Challenging Arguments Against Expansion

universe expansion theory

The strongest considered proof of Big Bang theory is that Our universe is expanding , But let us test it , how it is possible ?

Our objective is only to present the truth in our strongest way.

let me first tell you the story that why scientific community believe in an expanding universe.

Why Scientists believe in expansion of universe ?

In 1929 Edwin Hubble, observed that The frequency of light coming from distant galaxies is decreased , He observed a Red shift in the light waves from different galaxies.

With this observation Hubble concluded that our universe must be expanding because only then this phenomenon would be observed due to Doppler Effect.

Now we must explain the Doppler effect.

Let us Know What is Doppler Effect ?

Suppose you are standing on a metro station , The metro rail is coming towards you and passing the station.

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What you observe is – When the metro rail approaches towards you , the sound waves are different from the condition when metro rail move away from you.

This happens because of Doppler Effect.

When train approaches towards you , frequency of sound waves increases.

But when train moves away from you the frequency of sound wave decreases & wavelength increases.

So vice-versa is also true in this case when you observe a train’s sound with high frequency that means train is approaching towards you and when you observe sound with low frequency that means train is approaching away from from you.

How Edwin Hubble Concluded that Universe is expanding ?

When Edwin Hubble observed a decrease in the frequency of light waves from distant galaxies.

He though it happened due to Doppler Effect which means these galaxies are moving away from us.

This led the foundation of Big Bang Theory.

Because if galaxies are moving away that means our universe is expanding which further also means that once our universe was confined into a single point.

So this is all the story which led the foundation of this belief within scientific community.

BUT Universe is not expanding

Most of the scientists and scientific community accepts that our universe is expanding.

But that is not true at all , We don’t know why scientists did such a huge mistake which led the foundation of biggest myth known as big bang.

The second biggest myth in scientific community is that “Our Universe is expanding

Hubble observation was right that light frequency is getting decreased.

The red shift was appearing but there are a lot of reason which can cause that red shift , While Edwin Hubble only accepted one reason.

The red shift in light waves can be observed because of these effects :

  1. Compton Effect
  2. Tired Light
  3. Doppler Effect
  4. Gravitational Effect

The observed red shift was due to all of these four effects , not just Doppler Effect.

Let us explain these all effects little bit.

  1. Compton Effect Light waves looses energy because of collisions with particles or matter coming in their way.
  2. Tired Light
    Light looses it’s energy while traveling through distant galaxies.
  3. Gravitational Effect
    Light looses it’s energy due to effect of gravitational force.

Doppler effect is already discussed.

So light can also shift towards the Red pattern because of all these effects  but Hubble only considered Doppler Effect.

Well, another surprising fact is that if someone consider only Doppler Effect still it doesn’t prove an expanding universe.

Let us see how :

Doppler Effect Doesn’t prove an Expanding Universe

Imagine two orbits of two planets around a star. One of the planet is orbiting in clockwise direction and another is orbiting in anti clockwise.

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In one of the situation two of these planets are moving away from each other in their individual orbit.

So the light wave coming from one planet to another will have low frequency comparatively.

We will encounter a Doppler effect for sure.

Can we conclude that this happened because universe is expanding ?

Can we conclude that orbit of both of these planet are moving away ?

Just because we encountered Doppler effect , it doesn’t mean the universe is expanding.

The motion of objects in our universe are so complex that there can exist unlimited no. of combinations which seems like galaxies are moving away , But in reality they are not.

Just like the above example.

So , We cannot conclude expansion from Doppler effect.

A powerful Logic against expansion

We have scientifically proved that expansion is not true BUT let us put more light on this with this powerful logic that NO one can counter.

As according to scientists It was the space which expanded greater than speed of light ( 10^20 times C ) , and the galaxies are moving away because of expansion of space itself.

So universe is expanding with this space.

Now There comes a great question

A question will arise that the space which present everywhere and expanding , because of which galaxies are moving away from each other , The same space present between planets , within planet , within atoms , within everywhere then why planets doesn’t move away ?

Why atoms within a planet doesn’t move away from each other ?

Another question why all electrons within atom doesn’t move away from each other ?

Why the expansion doesn’t happens at micro level ?

A scientist can answer it in this way:

Dark energy is the reason due to which universe is expanding , This dark energy can affect the weak forces like gravity but it cannot affect the strong forces such as Electromagnetic and Nuclear Force.

So that is why expansion doesn’t happens at micro level and can be seen at macro level

The answer is wrong – Universe is not expanding

The answer looks great in first instance sight and it let us believe that YES our universe is expanding but let us drill it down little bit.

Initially, when the whole universe was confined in a single point , that is singularity , when we ask which force was responsible to confine whole universe into that single point

The answer comes to be An Infinitely Strong Unified Force 

Now our question is – When dark energy can overcome this infinite unified force then the rest of the forces are nothing in front of dark energy.

So dark energy must have an effect at micro level too.

But there is no effect can be seen at micro level , If dark energy is expanding the whole universe , Every matter should expand.

Every atoms within every planet should move away from each other.

Every electron within atoms will move away from each other.

The whole universe itself will not be in such stage as it is today, it will scatter away.

This clearly proves that universe is not expanding at all.

We will welcome all those truth seeker who can accept this truth , If any truth seeker want to ask further questions on this , we welcomes you too.

We are always ready to answer each and every argument in favor of the Big Bang theory and expanding universe.

This totally proves that universe is not expanding which in turn also proves that big bang is wrong.

If Big Bang is Wrong then what is Right theory of Universe ?

We have done above analysis on the basis of vedic scientist Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik who have presented a new theory of universe in his book of 2800 pages , Which is called Vedic Rashmi Theory.

Read: Vedic Rashmi Theory 

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  1. I’m a student who studied a book called Dharma siksha published by Arya samaj under DAV CMS institute. In that book it declared the age of universe..some what one kharab one Arab like that!….my question is if universe is anaadi then how could we know its age?

    • Universe is not eternal but the matter from which universe is created – is eternal , the material cause of universe is beginning-less , the age is told for universe , not the matter.

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