Vaidic Rashmi Theory – The Grand Unified Theory of Universe

Today ! I am going to talk about a new and very unique theory of Universe, which can be termed as The actual theory of everything. It is called as Vaidic Rashmi Theory of Universe , This theory is found by a Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik, He took 8 to 9 years to uncover the secrets of our universe through Vedas. We will talk about this theory , initially we are going to know about some basic concepts and then we will discuss the actual theory.

So let us begin our Journey to know about this Theory.

Three Cause of Universe

how universe was created according to vedas vaidic rashmi theory

If you want to find the creation of anything , you must need to know it from the beginning. How it forms step by step from the beginning.

So one must need to know what is the initial state of any creation and then how it changes it’s form.

Let us take one example of Tea.

To make a tea one need these things in the beginning.

  • Material to make the tea such as Tea leaves , Milk etc.
  • Resources to make tea.
  • Purpose to make it.
  • Knowledge to make it.
  • You need specific time to make tea.

If we do not have any of these , we can’t make a tea. Similarly any creation needs all above things in first place.

So in conclusion any creation has three main cause behind it are

  1. Efficient Cause
  2. Material Cause
  3. Simple or Normal Cause

What are these Cause ?

So what these all cause means , let us see about it in brief.

Efficient Cause

Efficient cause means the creator , any created thing cannot take form without a creator. A creator is always needed.

Material Cause

Any Created thing can never take form without a basic material.

Something can never come out of Nothing.

Normal Cause

It means that any created thing always need a purpose , creation cannot occur without purpose.

Here we have discussed about some preliminary concepts but our main focus will be only to the material cause of universe.

Currently, two main theories of creation of universe are popular –

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. Steady State Theory

We believe these theories contains a lot of mistakes , So we are not going to discus modern theories instead we will talk about Vaidic Rashmi Theory.

See Why Big Bang Theory is completely Wrong ?

So lets Begin –

Vedic Rashmi Theory Of Universe

vedic rashmi theory how universe was created according to vedas

The vaidic rashmi theory states that initially the whole mass of universe was spreaded into the whole infinite universe in the elementary form , then which properties of this matter existed there or what was the initial state of universe , let us see-

The initial state of matter in the beginning of universe was

  1. It had zero temperature.
  2. Zero density
  3.  Force
  4. Zero Noise or frequencies
  5. The matter had zero motion.
  6. Time was not there.
  7. There was no space.
  8. There were no dimensions.
  9. it was in latent state.
  10. All properties of matter were inactive  including mass.

The initial state of universe was such that we cannot gauge it , it was in latent state that all properties of matter were in sleeping mode.

Because the properties of matter itself were inactive thus it is impossible to detect that state of universe.

It cannot be known using any of the technology , as the properties were inactive.

To understand the state of universe we can take an example of a naughty kid.

A naughty kid does a lot of different naughty things in the whole day but when he sleeps his property of being naughty would be inactive. We cannot say something about the nature of that boy.

Similarly , According to Vaidic Rashmi Theory we cannot detect the state of universe at the beginning stage.

The basic matter or material cause of universe have 3 properties

  • Satva ( Force )
  • Raj ( Motion )
  • Tam (Mass )

Force , motion and mass are the three properties of that matter which stays inactive at the time of beginning of Universe.

Vaidic Rashmi Theory also Proves existence of GOD

vaidic rashmi theory and god how universe was created according to vedas

Now if you carefully understood above explanation, here it proves the existence of God.

Newtons First Law of Motion states that

Any object at rest will remain at rest, and any object in motion will remain in motion until unless it is acted upon by an external unbalanced force.

This law is applicable for perfect vacuum But one may say it is not applicable to quantum level BUT Initial condition was beyond quantum level itself.

Most important , Initially the latent matter was having zero motion and was at rest , and according to the first law it will be at rest until unless an external unbalanced force acts upon it, and without such force creation can never happen.

Even if we cannot apply 1st law , still one has to accept how such state cannot start itself , while the properties of matter itself in sleeping mode.

You can also read on the same topic of God

Initially ,Such force can never occur naturally.

Such force can only be applied by a conscious entity, without a conscious entity the universe cannot create itself. So this is a proof of existence of god through physics itself.

One must note that motion can never be eternal , So in the initial state of universe motion will always be zero, and all factors such as temp. , density etc must be zero otherwise it cannot be called as initial state of universe.

Step by Step Creation in Vaidic Rashmi Theory

Now , we have proved that the creation can never occur without a conscious entity but how this creation happens ? Let us talk about it.

Vedic Rashmi theory of universe how universe was created according to vedas ved vigyan alok

Initially , All the properties of of that latent matter are activated by Omnipresent god through “Om Rashmi(a vibrating entity) , and then the creation of universe took place in a scientific way.

The universe is not just created in a miraculous way as all religions says, but the whole process of creation goes through a scientific process. The process takes millions of years to form the entire universe.

The above picture shows different stages of creation of some fundamental entities in universe But how these processes happens is a natural question and needs an answer.

The whole process of creation cannot be told in one article , Th vaidic rashmi theory is 2800 pages theory as given in the book Ved Vigyan Alok by Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik.

So here we are going to tell you the concept through which  you can understand how this creation occurs.

An Important Concept to Understand Vaidic Rashmi Theory

Vedic rashmi theory string how universe was created according to vedas

Now, one need to understand an important concept to understand this theory is described below.

Any process in the the universe occurs from subtle to macro actions.

Macro actions are driven by subtle actions.

This can also be understood through the experiment conducted by tesla where he matched some subtle frequencies with universe resulting an earthquake.

The macro actions or events of universe are result of a subtle or subtlest action.

To understand this completely you must watch this video that how a heavy block is falling down through a subtle action caused by a smallest block.

Similarly when the universe was in latent state , it’s properties were activated by god through om rashmi , which created subtlest rashmies(vibrating entities) everywhere in the universe at one instance. these smallest subtlest rashmies further created some more micro rashmies in the universe.

In this way subtlest to subtle , subtle to micro and micro to macro creation of rashmies happened.

So step by step micro particles came into existence , micro to macro particle formed in a scientific way and continuously the macro heavy objects such as planets and stars were formed in millions of years.

So, I hope you understood one of the main concept behind this creation of universe.

But wait , here are some questions unanswered –

What is Om Rashmi in Vaidic Rashmi Theory

vedic rashmi theory how universe was created according to vedas

We have talked above that god activate the property of matter in the infinite volume of universe through om rashmi , but what is that om rashmi , and where was this om rashmi in the beginning of universe ?

First of all a rashmi is a vibrating entity.

Om rashmi is the subtlest vibrating entity , It is Like strings.

The string theory says that subtle form of matter exist in form of strings .

Modern Scientist see this string theory in doubtful way but vedic science accept this fact that matter exist in form of vibrating entities.

Vedic science completely knows that what type of different subtle to macro vibrating entities exist and what are their role in the creation and sustaining the universe ?

These different type of vibrating entities are like codes of a computer program , where every code has its own role.

But , Wait…….. ! The universe is not a computer program  or a virtual program.

Here we are not supporting some theories of universe which says we are just a computer program.

A perfect example to Understand These Rashmies

vedic rashmi theory

To understand these rashmies including the om rashmi we can take an example of ocean waves.

In an ocean wave there are thousands of waves exist , some bigger wave and some smallest or subtlest waves.

The pattern of waves of ocean needs to be carefully analysed that we see some smallest waves inside the biggest waves.

In this manner there exist lots of waves inside one macro waves.

There exist a pattern of subtle to macro waves in an ocean wave.

Similarly, Om rashmi resides in every macro rashmi, and it controls every rashmi.

It is like the controller of all rashmies.

But where was this Om rashmi at the beginning ?

A question may arise that if everything was at latent state then where was this Om rashmi ?

In my view this rashmi is not a seperate entity but a part of the matter of initial state itself.

To understand this you can imagine throwing a stone in a quiet pond , the stone hits the quite water in the pond.

it creates some waves at the point where it hits.

Soon the whole surface of water in the pond becomes wavy.

So, what happens here is that the stone hits at a point on the surface of water and it creates waves at that point but this first wave becomes the cause of next ongoing waves in the water.

Because the first wave activates all other waves.

So we can say that all other waves are generated by this first waves.

Similarly, omnipresent god gives a slight flutter to the matter by activating the properties of matter at  the beginning of universe.

This slight flutter created at every place in the infinite universe at the same instance.

So a first wave like Subtlest vibrating flutter created in the whole infinite universe.

Which generates the further subtler to macro wave like vibrating entities called rashmies.

The whole universe , including the fundamental particle to the heaviest objects such as black hole (ECO) are made up of these smallest subtle Rashmies (strings).

The first subtlest Vibration in the matter is known as Om Rashmi.

So we have clearly presented what om rashmi is.

Detailed Step by Step Process Of Creation in Vaidic Rashmi Theory

Previously we have given you a view of step by step creation which was based on some fundamental entities but here we are going to show you a detailed step by step creation process of Vedic Rashmi Theory through different stages and fundamental entities.

vedic theory of creation vedic rashmi thoery how universe was created according to vedas acharya agnivrat

This process reflects how creation occurs according to Vedic theory.

Modern science tells us a detailed creation till the stage of cosmic cloud or nebula which creates stars and planets but vedic Theory tells us complete creation up to the subtlest entities.

Here we have presented this theory in brief , But this whole theory is explained in the new research book Ved Vigyan Alok by Vedic Scientist Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik.

The theory can explain each and everything that modern science wants to know.

There are several problems modern science encountering.

This book solves every problem of theoretical physics and reveals every secret of universe.

This book is going to change the whole Physics.

The book itself is a Vedic Physics parallel to Modern Theoretical Physics.

What is Ved Vigyan Alok and What it Contains ?

This is a new research book by Vedic scientist , Which explains a new theory of universe in 2800 pages.

The book contains detailed properties and works of each and every entity of universe.

Thus explaining this infinite machine which is nothing but our universe.

The book challenges Big Bang Theory and It establishes Vaidic Rashmi Theory of Universe.

It answers all of these unanswered question of Modern Theoretical Physics-

  1. What is force ? How each force works ?
  2. Why Big Bang Theory is Wrong ?
  3. What is dark matter and dark energy ?
  4. How various Quantas Forms ?
  5. What is space ?
  6. Why The Universe is Fine Tuned ?
  7. What is time ?
  8. How universe is created from eternal fundamental substance ?
  9. What is scientific process of destruction of universe ?
  10. How dark matter is made and what is its role in the universe ?
  11. What is the real cause of red shift which is unknown to modern science ?
  12. Why universe is not eternal when its fundamental substance is eternal ?
  13. What is energy ?

These are some of few question i presented here , to know more you can read a detail view here.


In conclusion it is clear that this theory is almost opposite to big  bang theory and it also accepts one of the facts of string theory too, Yet it tells us the actual beginning  state of universe.

Yet it must be noted it is not String Theory, It also oppose lots of assumptions of string Theory.

It is completely different from string theory.

The theory is 2800 pages long so it explains each and every concept which modern science want to know, it tells us properties and works of all subtle to macro objects. It fulfill our all curiosity of how, why and what ?

So this book Ved Vigyan Alok is available to buy , This book is specially for PHD scholars so that they can find solution of subtle problems of modern science.

The book is available in hindi language only, if you want to buy this book you can buy it from here.

If you want to know each and everything about universe directly through the vedas then you can buy the book Ved Vigyan alok. This book was also received by our Vice President of India.

So, what are your thoughts on this Vedic Rashmi Theory of universe ?

Can we term it to be The theory of everything ?

Please comment your thoughts about this theory.

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