Longest Total Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century- What is Lunar Eclipse ?

lunar eclipse 28 july 2018 blood moon

The longest Lunar Eclipse of 21st Century is going to be seen on 28th July 2018 , it can be seen on 27th July 2018 in some countries , I will guide you about the timing in your country , So don’t miss it at all.

Unfortunately, North America is not going to see this Lunar Eclipse.

But, Wait !

Technology has its own benefit, they can see it on live stream.

But North Americans can watch it on January, 21st, 2019 as it will again pass through earth’s shadow on that day.

Earlier , This year the whole world got a glimpse of total lunar eclipse on January 31

So before going further let us talk what is a lunar eclipse ?

What is Lunar Eclipse

lunar eclipse 28 july 2018 blood moon
Lunar Eclipse

Our earth is revolving around our sun and The moon is revolving around our earth.

So, When our earth comes in between the sun and moon, A Total Lunar eclipse happens.

Earth take position in a straight line between our moon and the sun.

lunar eclipse 28 july 2018 blood moon
Earth between sun and moon , causes lunar eclipse

So the moon hides behind our earth.

Hence, This way the sunlight cannot reach to moon. It may appears dark , rusty, brick colored or blood red , which depends on your weather area.

Facts About Lunar Eclipse on 28th July 2018

This lunar eclipse is going to be really interesting because it going to be the full package.

Yes, I am not joking, Let us see some facts-

  • This time moon will look small because it will be farthest from earth.
  • It will be last longer , as it farthest it will be longest too.
  • The moon will spend nearly 4 hours crossing earth shadow.
  • With moon , mars will also be visible, as it will hover near moon in night sky, which will be easily visible with naked eye, appearing unusually large and bright.
  • It is going to be the blood moon for most of the eastern hemisphere of earth.
  • This moon is also named as Full buck moon , Thunder moon and also mini moon.

What time Lunar Eclipse will be visible and Where ?

So , Now you are excited to see it and want to know What time is the lunar eclipse tomorrow ? so let me guide you when or where it will be visible.

this eclipse is going to be visible on different time at different places. place and time are listed below for the different countries –

Middle East and Madagaskar – eclipse occurs at midnight

Europe and Africa – Best view between sunset and midnight

Asia, Indonesia and Australia- Between midnight and sunrise saturaday.

If you want to know the timing of lunar eclipse 0f july 2018 based on you location here you can see it.

Mars in the Sky on 28 july 2018

lunar eclipse 28 july 2018 blood moon and mars will be visible

On 28th/27th July 2018 mars can also be seen through naked eye with moon , and it’s been in 15 years.

Mars will be on the opposite side of earth.

It will reach to one of its closest point to earth which 35.9 million miles away.

Mars will appear bright and big , we can see it through naked eye.

Few Facts About Blood Moon

Let us see some beautiful facts about blood moon.

  1. Moon has no natural light of it’s own , it shine because of reflection of sunlight, As moon will be behind earth , no sunlight would reach to it’s surface but some light of sun that is refracted from earth atmosphere will reach to moon and this reflected light by moon tends to appear reddish.So that is why it is know as blood moon.
  2. This second Lunar Eclipse of 2018 will be the longest.
  3. The first Lunar eclipse that took took place on 31 January called Super Blue Blood Moon.
  4. The next similar phenomenon will going to be happen around August, 2036 which will last for 6 hours and 12 minutes.
  5.  Mars will be visible in night sky.
  6. A partial Solar Eclipse will take place  on August 11, Following the lunar eclipse.

I hope you enjoyed knowing about the lunar eclipse , So don’t miss the chance to see blood moon on 28/27 july 2018. I provided you link above to watch it live.

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