The Existence of God On The Libra Of Logic

god, क्या वैज्ञानिक भगवान को मानते है,क्या वैज्ञानिक भगवान को मानते है,kya bhagwan hai,आस्तिक और नास्तिक ,क्या ईश्वर है या नहीं ,नास्तिक विचारधारा,ईश्वर है या नहीं ,kya ishwar hai essay in hindi ,ईश्वर का अस्तित्व,bhagwan hai ya nahi,astik and nastik in hindi ,ishwar hai ya nahi ,भगवान कहाँ मिलेंगे,भगवान है या नहीं,क्या भगवान होते हैं,kya bhagwan hote hai,astik and nastik,bhagwan hai ya nahi in hindi,क्या ईश्वर का अस्तित्व है,ishwar hai ya ishwar nahi hai,क्या भगवान है या नहीं,क्या किसी ने भगवान को देखा है,bhagwan ka astitva ,kya ishwar hai ,भगवान का अस्तित्व,भगवान होते हैं या नहीं,bhagwan hai ki nahi,ईश्वर के ,अस्तित्व के प्रमाण ,kya bhagwan hai in hindi ,astik nastik ,nastik in hindi ,ishwar hai ki nahi,nastik kya hai,bhagwan ko kisne banaya,क्या भगवन है,kya bhagwan h,भगवान नहीं है,भगवान क्या है,bhagwan hote hai kya,kya bhagwan hai is duniya me,भगवान होता है या नहीं,god hai ya nahi in hindi

Do you exist ? Forget God ,what about you ? You may be thinking what silly question is this ? But wait….!

Imagine a person who do not have eyes , he cannot see , cannot hear , cannot smell ,cannot taste and cannot feel the touch.

Do this universe exist for such person ? Do you exist for such person ?

If any existence he can accept is only his own existence , But how this example is related to god ? We will see this at the end of the article , Lets talk about the question you are searching for ?

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Do God Exist

Any person can present their thought on the Creator of this Universe, No matter If he is Learned or Unlearned , Everyone have their own reason to support the idea of god.

Some of them have simple argument but some have special arguments , We will discuss both.

Let us see what are the simple reasons which are easy to present for everyone ?

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Simple Logic on God

Whenever you ask any theist about existence of Almighty he will simply say

Nothing can be made by itself , So universe also has a creator

Suddenly an atheist will say- Then who created the Creator ? The theist will not be able to answer it because he haven’t presented his simple logic in right manner , Well , What is the right manner then ?

Real Form of The Simple Logic

Actually The logic Says

Anything which is created always needs a creator and cannot be created itself , As the universe is created , So there exist a creator.

Now , Atheist asks that Who created God then ? The theist answers it-

The things which are created , do have a creator , But god is not a created thing , So there is no creator of that Almighty.

Energy is not a created thing , so it has no creator the same way god is also Causeless.

Now , You can observe that a simple mistake presenting the logic can cause a lot Problems, So one need to present the logic in right manner.

Now , Let us tell you , Atheist have a favorite question that – Who created god ? We can answer this question in several ways , As we answered it above. For more Light on this topic you can read this debate too.

Debate between Atheist and Theist

But right now this is not our subject, Now let us see What is the special reason on the existence of Creator of Universe ?


Special Logic on God

In this regard Great scholar of Vedas – Maharshi Dayanand presented his logic in his Magnum Opus known as “The Light Of Truth“- let us see what they say ?

Any existence is known by its Properties, without properties nothing can exist.

For example existence of fire is known by its properties such as heat and Light.

Existence of Air is sensed by touch, Similarly any existence is proved by its properties.

Suppose, if someone offers you sugar and he says it is salt , but after tasting you finds that it is not salt but it is sugar.

So you found the existence of sugar by its properties , properties of salt was not present there and properties of sugar were there.

So you concluded , it is sugar, So finally every existence is proved by its properties.

Which Properties Proves God ?

Now a naturally a doubt may arise that which properties proves the existence of our Creator ? If sugar is known by Sweetness , Fire by heat and light , Then How our Creator is known by ?

There are several properties of God , Some of these properties are-

  • Knowledge
  • Power
  • consiousness
  • merciful
  • Justice

But how we can detect these properties ? As we can detect the shape of something through our eyes , feel touch through the senses , hear something through ears , how we can detect these properties of god ? If we cannot detect , how existence can be proved ?

How we Found the Properties of God

We can touch air , taste sugar but we cannot

  • Taste God
  • Touch him
  • Smell him
  • Hear him
  • See him

That means Creator do not exist ?


We cannot sense god through our senses but we can sense him through our intellect , Suppose if you are reading a book , you cannot detect the author by your senses but as you read the book , you are reading the mind level of author , if book is written moronically you accept existence of a moron author , but if book is written very well , and reflects true wisdom then you accept existence of an Intelligent Author.

Here , You haven’t sensed author through your sensory organs , instead you found him through you intellect , Similarly you can consider the universe to be a book and god to be the author , Scientists are reading this universe  and they found universe to be intelligently designed , So there exist an intelligent Designer.

God do not have the properties of

  • Touch
  • shape
  • smell
  • sound
  • taste

If god do not have these properties how can We sense these properties through our sensory organs ?

Initially we have given an example of a person whose sensory organs does not work.

Which results him to be completely unaware of outer world.

Now the question is – If he cannot sense the outer world, Can he deny the existence of the outer world ?

Now,The example here applies in passive way , our all organs are working properly.

But the properties which are sense by particular organ is unavailable in god , then how can we deny Creator of Universe on basis of our sensory organs ?

You can understand it from the example of that person whose sensory organ cannot sense anything , in both cases of god and such person Properties cannot be sensed , So can anyone deny god in such way ?

How we can sense all Properties of God


Now another natural question arises that how can we sense the all properties of god ? The way, We accept existence of author by reading his book  , We can also meet the author if we want , the same way it is also possible to meet god ,but there exist a scientific way of it , We don’t support the unscientific ways of popular religions.

If a person can find various properties of water through research but after drinking water , he will get the real experience , the same way there exist a scientific process to experience the god Which is through Yoga , which will be discussed in our upcoming posts.

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