Debate Between Theist and Atheist


Two friends suddenly meet somewhere and after some casual talk the topic diverts towards debate on God. Both of them have different opinion about god , one is a believer of god and other is an atheist.

The believer is not an ordinary believer but he believes in scientific form of god as mentioned in the Vedas instead of believing in popular religions.

Scientists accepted Scientific Form of God

Another friend is an atheist and always against the idea of God , whenever the topic of god emerges , this atheist fellow says there is no God and then both of them had a healthy discussion.

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The Debate Starts Now

Atheist – Hey , There is exist No God at all , If he exist then my question is who created god then ?

Theist – My dear Friend , No one created God.

Because any created thing do have some Structure , The god By nature is Formless.

he don’t have any structure , do not have any design so there exist no designer of God.

Atheist – See. First of all he do not exist at all , Forget about the structure , there is no need of god to create the universe.

Theist– Okay, If this is true , then who created universe ?

Atheist– The universe created itself.

Theist– Okay, first of all let me assume that it is possible , Now what was the state before its creation ?

Atheist– What is this meaningless question ?

Theist– Brother , this is just , the questions will start now , universe must have some state before its creation , my question is simple , What was that stage ?

Atheist-Okay, Don’t know which state was there , but i agree there must be some stage.

Theist– My question is that who created that stage ?

Atheist– That stage is beginning-less , So no one created it.

Theist– If you ask us who created god , then we have the same question , Who created that stage ? How can you term it to be beginning-less ? If you can term it beginning-less then , Why don’t you accept god to be beginning-less.

Atheist– What , if i say that stage have endless cause ?

Theist – Endless cause is impossible , if cause is endless then its effect will be endless or beginning-less too, which means universe will never be destroyed.

Atheist– okay . then you tell me , how universe was created then ?

Theist – See, Any created thing can never be created by itself , Universe is created , so there exist a creator and he created it in a scientific process under the laws of nature, Not miraculously.

For this we have a full theory which is termed as vedic rashmi theory,I will tell you about this , but we don’t believe universe created itself.

Read-What is Vedic Rashmi Theory Of Universe ?

Atheist– okay , but the question still remain ,  Who created god then ?

Theist– No. As we already gave you the answer , god do not have any structure or design so there exist no designer of god , he is beginning-less.

Atheist– How something can be beginning-less , everything have some cause.

Theist– No, Causeless entities exists , Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. Similary God is also causeless.

Atheist– Okay, did god created the universe without any material cause ?

Theist– No, he created universe with material cause.

Atheist– The what is the cause of that material ?

Theist – That material is root cause , has no cause so it is cause-less , roots do not have the root,Anything which is created with addition , have some cause , but the root cause has no addition , so it is also beginning-less , The root cause is in form of root energy and energy is always causeless.

Atheist– Similarly , in our theory the root stage is not created , and the universe created itself from root stage.

Theist– Well , you were not able to explain why it is causeless , which we proved , Now i have another question for you,  How universe created itself ?

Atheist – universe created itself under the laws of universe.

Theist – If rules exist then ruler also exist , if there is management , there exist manager , You accept rule but rules proves a ruler too. Forget it, Tell me , who created rules ?

Atheist– Rules are beginning-less , no one created them.

Theist– If rules are beginning-less then ruler is also beginning-less.

Atheist– No, only rules are beginning-less.

Theist– Okay let’s assume that , if rules are beginning-less , how those rule know when to apply or not ?

Atheist– they just apply by itself.

Theist– is it their property to get applicable by themselves.

Atheist – Yes !

Theist– If they will apply by themselves then this process will be a continuous process. It will not be at on instance , instead this process of applicability will be continuous from beginning-less time.

Atheist– Okay, what if i say that universe was never created , Instead the universe itself is beginning-less , So the rules are also continuously applicable.

Theist– Well , its great that you changed your theory , Tell me how universe can be eternal ? creation and destruction is seen in the universe ,Sun also have some lifetime , Similarly everything created thing have some lifetime , every object will destroy one day, So universe can never be eternal.

Atheist– Universe never destroys instead the planets , stars etc destroys somewhere and somewhere their creation occurs.

So , somewhere there is creation and somewhere there is destruction , but the whole universe never destroys.

Theist– First of all it is not possible too , but here you accepted creation of star , planet etc then how the rules know that when to apply , and where to apply ?

In Universe , the sun is base of all planets , the base of stars are black holes or ECO , And base of those BH or ECO are some other Big Giant ECO or BH. So There exist a base of whole universe , when that base will destroyed , The Whole universe will destroy.

Atheist– There are no universe , instead there are multiverses , and which means there are infinite universe so , There is no base at all. Checkmate !

Theist– You are good in changing theory , Nice talent , But wait….. ! First of all we need to be sure , are there multiverses exist or not , if Yes ! Still no problem , whether multiverse exist or not , Particular creations will be always there , So the question will remain the same that how rules know that when to apply or where to apply ? Rules cannot take decisions like us !

Atheist – Okay ! I don’t know what is reality but i will think more then we will discuss further.

Theist– No problem, We always welcome the discussions.

Atheist– Thanks brother ! Bye ! will meet you soon.

Theist – Okay brother ! it was a great discussion with you , see you soon.

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