Why we have these parts in our Body ?


Even every illiterate person knows that why we have nose,ear,mouth and eyes, it may be possible that even animals knows this But another fascinating fact is that even some great intelligent beings don’t know the mysteries behind some of our body parts than how can we consider a layman to know about it ? Complex science behind simple things can be found in the world,

Today we are not gonna talk about how our body parts took form ,The writer is not expert of this subject.

So what we are going to understand is why these parts created or why we have these parts ? we are going to ponder over “why” instead of “how“. So let’s walk towards our journey of thoughts:-

There are some body parts towards which, we don’t ponder generally , but we see management everywhere in the world , from ant to an elephant ,atom to universe,till creation of universe to its destruction what we find is management.

From management i simply mean science , so everything in universe want to say something , defining itself , explaining its own existent , and wants that some learn intelligent being should know me, every particle , every moment is saying something ,wants you to listen , what all we need is – to understand these. So let’s listen to these:-

Which parts we don’t know-

In first sight what we see in a human is – nose, ear,mouth, hands , and legs , but if we ponder little bit more than we will find those parts for which we are curious to know , these are – Eyelash, eyebrows , philtrum, lips and Belly button. writer is interested to know about these parts and as well as the reader are also curious enough , what the writer found , he is writing that below , let’s dive into it with sequence –

Belly button-

This word belly botton is called Naabhi in Sanskrit language which itself means center , Everyone knows because of umbilical cord a baby get the required food in mother’s womb and without belly button it cannot be happened , actually belly button is center of body , all subtle veins finally meets to this navel ,and according to science belly button is the center of gravity of our body , a simple word of Sanskrit itself reflected the same thing what science says.

Some Belly button Facts:-

  1. This belly button can be found in animals too.
  2. Generally all mammals do have it but in non-mammals who lay eggs don’t have it.
  3. Researchers at Carolina state university found 1400 bacteria in the belly button.
  4. Innie belly buttons are common but only 10% people do have outie.
  5. The first humans believed to be adams and eve didn’t have belly buttons.


When eyelash fall out it can take one to six month to grow back, it is common for eyelash to fall and grow naturally , the general purpose of eyelash is to prevent dust entering into our eyes , other than that it have many purpose:-

  1. The size of eyelash for many animals is 1/3rd as long as the eye itself , so this ratio turns out to be perfect structural length needed for diverting airflow thus it reduce evaporation of moisture on surface of eyes.                                                                           eyelash-why-we-have
  2. If something comes too close to our eyes,eyelash can sense it and alert us towards possible danger ,such dangers might include dust or insect present in the air , sensing danger eyelash tells the eyelids to shut down.
  3. It helps to filtering the coming sunlight to our eyes.
  4. Needless to say it makes you look beautiful , if you have curvy eyelash you would look great.


Well here you can easily understand what role it contains to make you beautiful , specially for a woman but there are some more mysteries behind it which we don’t observe generally –

  1. Eyebrow have such a shape that it prevent rain water and sweat not to enter into our eyes , here see how it works –                                                                                           eyebrow-why-we-have
  2. It also serves a purpose to show different expressions.
    eyebrow-expressions-why-we-have-eyebrow ?
  3. These are also responsible to prevent dust from entering into eyes.


philtrum and its use

Don’t know what should we name it , but science calls it – philtrum , we cannot tell exactly what purpose it have in human body but what we can see is – how it is created in a human’s body here


Generally all living beings have lips but it is popular for lizards being lack of lips, lips serves a purpose to close our mouth in right way because they have nice mutual grasp.

An elephant’s trunk is an extension of it’s upper lips,lips serve many purpose such as :-

  1. lips allow us to chew and swallow when mouth is closed.
  2. Our lips allow us to communicate , the letters such as P,B,M cannot be spelled without lips.
  3. This one you may know that lips allow us to smile.
  4. Without lips a baby cannot suck milk , So sucking is possible because of lips.

So finally we have analysed this subject successfully , it is possible that you may already know some of these information but we hope you have also got some new information here , if you liked it please do share.

Thanks !

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