Laughable Arguments of flat earth believers


We are in 21st century , the science has developed to a Very high level , gone are the days when people believed in flat earth theory , But , wait , you can’t believe thousands of people still believes that earth is flat , Yes , such creatures are living on this round earth…..Sorry flat earth…ohh.. with whom i should go ? Well, obviously science , But the flat earth believers only believe on their book , they don’t believe NASA , For them whatever NASA say is a lie , But let us hear what argument flat earth believers put forward in support of their belief , we should give them a chance to entertain us.

A person Eric dubay have written a book Flat earth conspiracy and given 200 proof that earth is not flat, this book is a favorite book of flat earth believers , So , Below are the arguments of flat earth believers:

Warning – Read only if you can survive after completing it,otherwise just skip it.

Laughable arguments of Flat Earth Believers

    1. If earth were truly constantly spinning eastward at over 1000 mph , helicopters and hot air balloons should be able to simply hover over the surface of earth and wait for their destination to come.flat earth helicopter
    2. If the earth is globe then why railway tracks are not curved ? up and down , down and up? , instead they are straight everywhere that actually means earth is Flat.flat earth logic
    3. Earth has to be flat otherwise there wouldn’t be a true “up” or “down” and if there is not “true up” jesus couldn’t have ascendant to heaven.flat earth,arguments of flat earth believers
    4. If earth is globe then Airplane could any time go into space escaping earth.plane-earth-flat
    5. If earth is globe then why it’s map is flat ?flat-earth-map,arguments of flat earth believers
    6. In globe earth the ocean water should have flown to the lowest point of earth.flat-earth-eater-low-point

    7. Earth is flat because water in ocean is flat instead of curvy.flat-earth-sea,arguments of flat earth believers
    8. If earth is globe and as it rotate, the opposite air will oppose Airplanes therefore earth is flat.airplane-flat-earth,arguments of flat earth believers
    9. If earth is globe the fired bullet should follow curved path.Checkmate !!!fire-flat-earth,arguments of flat earth believers
    10. If earth is globe then water and people living in opposite part of earth should fall into space.flat-earth-society,arguments of flat earth believers

I am curious to know that believing earth to be flat and other planets to be globe how solar system will look like – here it is:

flat-earth-solar-system,flat earth believers,arguments of flat earth believers

If you have successfully survived , do share it with your Friends and specially enemies to see if they can survive it or not ? As always Thanks for reading.

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